Time to come home!

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Hard to believe that today was our last day for exploring China.  Our first stop was a tour of the Temple of Heaven, where emperors visited to pray for productive harvests. There were many older Chinese people there participating in sports, card games, exercise classes, and more.

Next we visited Guang An Men Hospital, with Dr. Nan Jihong serving as our guide.  We learned more about yin and yang philosophy, as well as herbal pharmacology.

We ended the day with shopping for final gifts and goodies to take home.  Everyone is packing tonight so we can depart tomorrow morning for home. The flights home will be long but we will be glad to be on our way back to our loved ones.  See you at the Savannah Airport on Tuesday night!


About sarafromchina

Faculty at Armstrong Atlantic State University in the Department of Health Sciences in Savannah, Georgia.
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2 Responses to Time to come home!

  1. Dr. Walt Conrad says:

    Although we are glad you enjoyed your adventure and learning experiences, your family and friends have missed you and can’t wait for you to come home. I have so enjoyed this blog and the accompanying photos, which almost, kinda sorta allowed me to feel like I was there with all of you : ) Thanks to Sara for setting this up!
    Safe flights and safe travels to your final destinations everyone!

  2. Rita Brownlee says:

    You did a wonderful job of keeping us updated. The pictures and comments made me feel like I was with you. There is an awesome collection of photos, can’t wait to see and hear more. Safe journey home, we’ve missed you all.

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