Hello from Beijing!

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It has been another long day filled with an assortment of sight-seeing and transportation.  We began the day with a visit to Slender West Lake in Yangzhou.  We saw beautiful gardens showcasing a lake that was complimented with Chinese bridges, pagodas, and other cultural structures.

The park was landscaped in a colorful array of flowers, accented by hundreds of delicate white butterflies hovering around the blooms. We fed white pigeons who were very friendly as they swooped up on the arms and head of anyone who had bird food in their hand.  The morning was quite warm but well worth the sweat as we enjoyed the beauty of the park.

We journeyed back to Yangzhou University for our final meal on campus, then boarded a bus for the Nanjing Airport, about 1.5 hours away.

We arrived at Beijing this evening, flying into a city filled with bright lights. To our surprise, it was cool outside, quite a switch from the earlier heat in Yangzhou.  Alice met us at the airport, and will be our guide in Beijing.  Harrison traveled with us, and will continue to be our leader until the end of the trip.  We checked into the hotel and then everyone headed for their rooms.

We are excited to begin touring Beijing tomorrow.  For now, good night to our families and friends!


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Faculty at Armstrong Atlantic State University in the Department of Health Sciences in Savannah, Georgia.
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6 Responses to Hello from Beijing!

  1. John, Magnus & Charlie says:

    Hi KDB,

    Looks like you are having some trip!…looks beautiful and interesting…we all are good here and Magnus, Charlie and I are looking forward to learning that foot massage technique…we are slow learners so you may need to show us for a couple hours until we get it right…hope you are having as good a time as it looks!…enjoy Beijing! we miss you and love you and look forward to your return…Save a chicken foot for me!…XOXO…JB

    • Kristin says:

      Believe me . . . I very MUCH want all my boys to learn the foot massage technique! I believe I am a better verbal instructor, however, and only my feet will know if you’re really getting it right, so warm up those hands!
      And chicken feet, huh? I was a bit concerned that the package might burst in my bag and I’d have to throw out all my stuff! Well, I’ll see what I can do. Maybe you’ll get some airport goodies as we begin our long trip home tomorrow morning.
      I love you and can’t wait to see you!

  2. Analisa says:

    Katrina and all. Enjoy Beijing. It is a fascinating city. Walk the wall as far as you can in the time you have. Love the Summer Palace. I know you’re having a great time and experiencing so much. Treasure the opportunity. Looking forward to hearing your stories when you return. We love you.

  3. Mary & Mark says:

    Hey Daddy (Ken)!

    We have so much to tell you. We miss you and love you.

    Glad you’re having a good time. See you SOON! =)


  4. Alicia V says:

    All these gardens, they are all so beautiful. All this fun, time together, eating food, learning, boat rides, self defence tatics, massages, different languages, culture, etc its AWSOME! Talk about a great opportunity for 2 WHOLE weeks!

  5. Alicia V says:

    When can I sign up for the next trip?? I think China is calling me 🙂

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